Thired Module- Prospect Relationship Management (P.R.M)

Learn How to Nourish Your Prospective Buyer to Become Your Client With Coach  TJ

Following up with prospective buyers is a crucial step in the sales process. Sales follow-up procedures strengthen the sales process, increase engagement with prospects, and help sales professionals close more deals and close them faster. The more effectively and systematically sales professionals follow up with their prospective buyers, the more they will be able to nourish them throughout the buyer’s journey and build a friendly and trustful relationship.

If you want to achieve your sales targets by closing more deals, you need to reach out to your prospective buyers using a Prospect Relationship Management strategy with a follow-up cadence at the heart of it.

Learning Summary:

Increase your win rate by adopting an integrated approach to nurturing and converting leads into customers.

  • Rules of Engaging with Prospects After the Connect Call
  • Sales Cadence Best Practices
  • Mastering the Sales Follow-Up
  • The Six Moves to Sell the Appointment