My Journey

The Grand Hustler

From the peaks of Wealth Management to the shores of Real Estate, this is my journey. 

 I am a seasoned sales leader and an accomplished bilingual coach with over 30 years of experience in developing successful sales professionals at renowned international organizations. I perfected my selling skills in the pulsating heart of the Middle East’s banking and real estate industries.

 I have been part of Dubai’s real estate market since its inception, working with prominent names in the UAE property sector, launching significant projects, and leading sales teams across the region.  

After nearly three decades of enabling and leading successful sales professionals in the Financial Services and the Real Estate Industries, I Co-Founded the Academy to advise and help organizations in constructing Sales Enablement programs that provide their sales teams with content, training, sales tools, and situational coaching.

I am passionate about the sales profession and always striving at leading, coaching, and mentoring sales professionals to attain a higher level of Salesmanship.

I conduct free selling skills training engagements, and I regularly contribute to many platforms providing them with articles and Professional Content about sales, the sales profession, and everything in between. I am also a member of the Sales Enablement Society.

In my previous executive roles, I have served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Oriental Pearls Real Estate Development, Vice President of International Sales at Shobha Reality Head of Sales at Bloom Holding,

Communities Director of Sales and CRT at Majid Al Futtaim and Director of Sales at Damac in addition to 12 years’ experience In Wealth Management and Banking.

T.Jarrar AKA, TJ, describes himself as a Prolific Ponderer, Self-proclaimed Poet, Passionate about helping others. His current passion and obsession are Sales Enablement.